The workshop


Lederer Timepieces shares the same space as MHM, Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie et Micromécanique, located in the center of Swiss watchmaking, on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel.

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Vision & creation

The combination of traditional craftsmanship, supported and backed by modern design and manufacturing techniques, is the basis for outstanding watchmaking and the assurance of long-lasting and reliable timepieces.

Craftsmanship Lederer
Craftsmanship Lederer

Independent watchmaking

A variety of traditional watchmaking tools, special machines, historical watchmaking techniques and a modern machine park, geared towards small series production and prototype construction, ensure the necessary independence from subcontractors.

Heritage & Modern Skills

The watchmaking trade is so multifaceted that there is a watchmaking tool developed for every special task. Lederer Timepieces has a large number of those tools available and in daily use, which reflect the attention to detail for which the high art is known by those who still make watches by hand.

Craftsmanship Lederer
Craftsmanship Lederer

Quality & passion

With great care and dedication, each individual component is ground and polished, the accuracy of the dimensions is constantly checked, and at the very end of a long process it is assembled into a complete movement, destined to perform reliably every day for many years to come.